Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Fun" in the Sun

It's three and a half months into my stay in Haiti, and I really haven't done anything "fun". Multiple groups have gone on tours and the beach on Sabbaths, but I've stayed at the hospital to sleep and chill. However this week multiple translators were bugging me about going to the beach, having some fun because I work so hard, seeing another part of Haiti, and since I only had four weekends left in Haiti, I agreed to come. after church (and an hour and a half of waiting for the bus to arrive) Jessica, the "Mama-Kimball" team, some of the translators, and other Haitians from the hospital set off for the beach.

One thing I've learned is when you don't have expectations, you can't be disappointed. When I think beach, I think, chilling in the sun, swimming, eating, playing football, and volleyball etc. I figured this beach trip wouldn't be all that, but I was still hoping to have a chill time. Those hopes were dashed when I realized that "chill" wasn't what the trip was about.

Without going into details (that would embarrass some, and disturb others) it was an extremely disappointing experience. Spending hours in a hot cramped bus to go watch drunk people dance and get beer sprayed all over me isn't my idea of fun, or good Sabbath afternoon activities for that matter. It wasn't all bad, being submerged in water for the first time since June was fun, and eventually I did get to slip away for a while, just lay out, talk, and chill in the sun.

Hopefully your Sabbath was much more restful.


Friday, July 30, 2010


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Four more weeks

Lack of posts this week is attributed to writing two lengthy messages to dear friends, lack of internet two nights, and taking time for soul searching (a lot has happened this week).

Four weeks from now I'll be packing up to go home. Depending on your point of view August 27 is a long way off, and I know so much will happen. But for me it's hard to believe that I've been back in Haiti for almost two months, Dr. Nelson left and Nathan and Amy arrived over a month ago. In that time there have been many changes, administrative decisions have been made, so many groups have come and gone, patients have been admitted, many have been discharged, some are still here, few have passed away. It's kind of been a blur.

I'm very anxious/excited to get home, to see people, play music in a praise band, play basketball and volleyball with friends yes, but also to start the next chapter in my life. I know God has great things in store. But I can't get caught up in looking ahead. There are still boxes to move, supplies to sort, songs to sing, and people to love.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Update

I have less than five weeks left in Haiti...its crazy to think that when August 27 rolls around 1.8% of my life will have been spent here. This last weekend was chill...ish.

Things got off to a poor start Friday night. Quick background: If you remember my first week in Haiti I dropped something heavy on my left big toe. Since then, the nail has fallen off and it's been healing nicely. Also, you might recall that I semi-retired my black OP flip-flops, meaning I don't wear them daily anymore, but I pull them out every once in a while. Friday evening was one such occasion. I was out on the roof talking on the phone, planning the worship service when I slipped. This wouldn't have been a problem if I had been wearing close toed shoes. It probably would have been less of a problem if the nail on my toe had completely grown back. But alas, this was not the case, so when I slipped and my foot dragged across the ground a layer of skin where my nail should have been was torn off. OUCH! Luckily we're at a hospital and got it cleaned and dressed. I'm back to wearing flip-flops for awhile and walking is a little awkward, but it's all good.

Some good did come from all this. Sabbath morning a group from ACTS showed up to help out with the church service and see the hospital. With them was Ileah Schmul. Like me, she's a college student helping out in Haiti during summer break. Also like me, on Friday her feet had an unfortunate accident with the ground while wearing flip-flops. Her RIGHT big toe was bandaged exactly like mine! It was quite a surprise so we had to scramble to get the worship service in order, then arrange to take 30 people around the hospital. Never a dull Sabbath at HAH.

This morning's meeting probably had the lowest attendance in HAH history. The 25-person UFGH group had left, Luke is still with friends, Brooke was across town, and the "Mama Kimball" group had not yet arrived. So Nathan, Amy, Kenny, Jessica, Dr. Wilkerson, and I gathered on the front steps. We proceeded to have the slowest Sunday ever. I sent Aimab and Herold home after lunch and slept for most of the afternoon.

Today's shout outs go to two very special young men. To all the single ladies, I'm pleased to inform you that Donald Dominic Dawkins is officially legal today. If you're interested, you better get on that quick, cuz he's headed off to MIT in a month. Also on this day 16 years ago, three-year-old me was sleeping in the Dawkins' living room and was shaken awake early in the morning to receive the news that I had a little brother. Ladies, he's still a child so BACK OFF!!!! Hahaha. For the first time in their lives, I won't be celebrating with them. So in that respect this is the saddest July 25 since '98 when both Jordan and I were sick. Love you guys and wish I was there (sad face).

So if you take anything away from this post, say happy birthday to my brother from another mother and my brother mother AND be thankful for your toes.


Friday, July 23, 2010


Dear readers, you are experiencing history. For the first time ever, the primary writer of a "David in Haiti" blog post will be someone other than yours truly. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Amy Lindsey. [applause]

Hey! I am Amy Lindsey and I one of the volunteer Coordinators at the hospital as well as filling in wherever else as needed.

My job for the week was to sort supplies…boxes and boxes of supplies which were stashed in all corners and crevices of the hospital. A lot of the boxes contained disaster relief supplies ranging from medical supplies to personal hygiene items, tents, and flashlights. Then there were the many other random pieces of old medical equipment, outdated computers, and mangled beds. Unfortunately all these boxes and old equipment were intermingled in a heap reaching almost to the ceiling in many parts of the storage room making it impossible to get to anything. It was an absolute mess and very overwhelming; however, our clean-up crew soon found that if you just focus on one box at a time eventually a cleared area would start to appear. It was a long and tedious process because in these boxes we normally found a random assortment of band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, gauze and anything else you can imagine. So it was our job to sort out the contents of the boxes and put like items together so that we could at least have an idea of what supplies we had.
It was about the 3rd day of sorting supplies in a dingy storeroom, without lights and certainly no air conditioning, with sweat literally flowing off of my forehead that I started to get sick of all this extra stuff in the storeroom. I just wanted to throw everything away. There were so many random things, a lot of it that was just old machinery that was only good for scrap metal at this point, yet for some reason the hospital was very unwilling to let it go. I thought to myself more than once, if only the local staff could see that this stuff is junk and that by holding onto it they are creating clutter and making it difficult to organize the good supplies that we do need to keep. We even told them that we had good supplies waiting to be sent to the hospital from the US but in order to make room for the new supplies the old had to go. It is physically impossible to have both the new and the old at the same time. It seemed like the hospital staff would rather hold onto what they knew they had even if they couldn’t use it and just let it rust in storage and take up valuable space, rather than trust that something better would arrive if they would just be willing to let the junk go.
In my mind the solution was so obvious and at times I was flabbergasted at the slow progress. Then the overwhelming thought hit me-- my heart is just like this dingy storage shed. There certainly are some valuable supplies in it, but there is also A LOT of things that I am treasuring that really are junk and by holding onto them I am hurting myself. God is offering me some of his beautiful gifts and I can just hear Him saying, “If you just let Me clean up this stuff I have some amazing gifts that I want to fill your heart and life with, just trust me.” Unfortunately it seems that more often than not I would rather hold on to my trash because it is familiar to me, rather than trusting that God has something special for me.
I know that often when people think of the dark dingy parts of their hearts they think of the sins that nobody knows about. When I think about God cleaning up our heart I definitely agree that He wants to purify us completely, but I think he also wants to take the baggage of fear, anxiety, lack of peace, distrust, and sorrow out of our lives as well and replace that type of junk with the fruits of the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience etc. It’s a way bigger heart overhaul than just the secret sins in our lives. God wants to give us an abundant life. It is not just about cleaning up our past, but it’s also about daily living joyfully in Jesus. Sometimes it can be hard to have that joy if we have the foul odor of trash permeating all parts of our hearts and cluttering up our life.
A good Bible text that comes to mind is Ezekial 36:26 which states, “And I will give you a new heart with new and right desires, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony heart of sin and give you a new, obedient heart.” With this verse in mind there are a couple lessons that can be applied to the analogy of the shed and my heart. First of all the shed can’t clean out itself, someone else has to do it for it. In the same way, I can try all I want to physically remove the junk out of my heart but I simply can’t because I can’t do heart surgery on myself. What I can do is give God the ok to work in my heart so that He can change me. But this whole process boils down to trust. Do I really truly trust that God is going to take care of me? Do I trust that he does have my best interest in mind, or do I cling to my clutter of what I can see, even if it is junk and harmful to me, instead of allowing Him to take out the bad and bring in the new?
From an outside perspective it is obvious that the junk needs to be removed, but I just pray that I am not so attached and comfortable with it that I’ll stubbornly hold onto it when God is anxiously waiting to clean up the mess and show me how to truly live. I want to trust him with every “box” in my life and be able to wholeheartedly say like David said in Psalm 31:14, “I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, ‘You are my God.’ My future is in Your hands.”

Thank you Amy.

Three more things.
1. Shout out to Agnes Ward and to all the people I don't know who read this blog. I know there are more than the 16 of you who are official "followers". If you want to be awesome like Agnes drop me a line @
2. While watching "Scrubs" (as I sometimes do during free moments) I heard this song. Enjoy!
3. Happy Sabbath!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best day ever?

Eh, probably not, but considering I was sick in bed, desperately trying to sleep all yesterday (24-hour ish flu worries), so today was definitely an improvement. I also felt that today was one of my more productive days. I know it wasn't and central supply doesn't look like it (I was reorganizing gauze...exciting stuff) when , but it felt good. I attribute it to feeling NOT sick and listening to my iPod for the 1st time in MONTHS. If you're my friend on Facebook and saw my status the other day about "enjoying the small new guitar strings" the feeling is similar. Although iPods are not as simple as guitar strings, it brought me great enjoyment. I realized that I hadn't listened to my own music for a looooooooooooooooooong time (especially since I don't have MY computer :/ ). Skillet, TFK, David Crowder, etc. never made me smile so much.

Also Charles from Project Hope brought food! Rice, fish, and lasagna Haitian style. YUM!

Next time: SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER!!! (it'll be up as soon as he/she starts...uh...I mean, finishes writing!)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

People my age...ish

Right off the bat I gotta say that last week was by far the best as far as talking to people back home. I think I had meaningful conversations over Facebook, Skype, BlackBerry, Google Talk, and email with at least 10 people. Thanks to my homies at home!

Also over the past few weeks it's been awesome having volunteers who are closer to my age. I mentioned the OT group from LLU and that Luke returned, but Hollie, Heidi, and Didi have yet to be acknowledged. It was great hangin' with you guys, even after all those long days you had in
the OR.

Kenny is going to Med school at UCSF in the Fall, but he's spending a good chunk of his summer here like me. Unlike me he's been to Haiti seven times before the earthquake and this is his second trip post earthquake. He's spent most of his time on the central plateau in thew town of Hench, but he's here for a few weeks experiencing Port-au-Prince. Like me, he's doing a lot of logistics stuff.

Another group of "peers" arrived. A SIMS group composed of Pharm Student Mike, Med Student Kevin, Public Health Students Julie, Sonya, and Sara, and Dr. Bennet. Such an eclectic group, why would such an eclectic team come to HAH? SUPPLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the past nine days they (along with Amy and Kenny) have done some AMAZING work! The items stored in the HIV clinic (I finally saw the breast implants!), basement storage, and Room 3 in central supply (the one to the left with all the meds and IV fluids for those of you that know) were emptied and sorted. The external storage buildings and church-for-a-day tents were reorganized. And most impressive of all for the last 4 days the ramp is clear!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who haven't been to the hospital, the gravity of this statement. The ramp has been the bane of my existence. It is constantly filled with supplies, things are periodically taken away, only to have more boxes take their place. Needless to say clearing the ramp is no small feat. As they'll be leaving tomorrow, I'd like to extend my gratitude to the SIMS group. I'll miss them...

Finally, last Friday, the Beck-Davies-Harris-Lindsey family became the Beck-Davies-Harris-Lindsey-Scott family. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jessica Scott has arrived. She's a trauma nurse who will be here for six months! She also sings really well, as witnessed my everyone who attended the English worship service this past Sabbath. You can follow her blog here .

Tomorrow's gonna be a big day. Emilie Clotaire, the Haitian Hospital Administrator returned tonight from a four week vacation. Dr. Elie Honore, the Health Ministries Director of the Inter-American Division of the SDA church is accompanying her. Big meetings, big changes? Eh, this stuff waaaaaay over my head.

Shout out to my friend and YouTube sensation Victor Dean Tanglao. Watch and enjoy!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm a skeptic no more

So you know how when sports teams win championships and/or important games they get t-shirts and the t-shirts made for the losing team are allegedly sent to developing countries. I've always been a skeptic, but that changed today when I saw a kid walking around wearing a "NBA Western Conference Champions 2000". As I'm SURE you all remember Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals featured the L.A. Lakers and Portland Trailblazers. And on that day in May at the Staples Center, the world witnessed the Blazers suffer one of the biggest 4th quarter meltdowns in NBA history, capped off by a Kobe to Shaq alley-oop, all resulting in a Lakers trip to the NBA Finals where they beat the Indiana Pacers (in Reggie Miller's only NBA finals appearance) in six games, and launching the Shaq/Kobe Laker three-peat. So imagine my surprise when the kid's shirt was black and red with a Blazers logo! I am now a believer.

On a more serious note, over the past couple of days I've had some conversations with some pretty awesome people. People who have done AMAZING things during their lifetimes. This triggered an internal argument with myself.
DRH A: I wish I could be like them and do those amazing things. I'm jealous, envious, and disappointed in myself.
DRH B: Hold on, I'm only 19, I still have time to do all that stuff. And they had more education than me, other experiences and opportunities I didn't have.
DRH A: Stop rationalizing and making excuses!
DRH B: But they're legit reasons.
DRH A: Sure they're legit, but the facts speak for themselves, I haven't...
DRH C: Hold it right there. I've done some pretty cool stuff, but cool doesn't matter, I shouldn't be comparing myself to other people anyway, God works through them as He sees fit, and He'll do the same through me. Capiche?
DRH A: Yeah yeah.
DRH B: I guess.
DRH C: FTW!!!!! [fist pump]

Hope you enjoyed the peak into my brain.

Shout out to everyone studying for the MCAT. You can do it guys!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

New York Time article

Wow. The first picture is literally just down the street from the hospital, everytime I drive out that direction we pass those houses along the center divider. Hits really cose to home. For me it gives me better perspective on things going on around me. For you its great information on what's goin down over here (and whatever else you can draw from this). I wonder if this was just published because tomorrow is six months after. Hmmmm

Currently everyone is watching the World Cup Final [*sings* lonely...I am so lonely...]


Thursday, July 08, 2010

So that lasted long...

I'm back! No my computer isn't fixed but we have a spare one and I'll be using it for a while.Lots of stuff has been going on, things are still ever changing. Brooke and Luke are back. The SIMS team is coming tomorrow. There are other new people. Lots of drama. There was a 25 person car accident tonight so I'm gonna be running in and out of Central Supply I'm sure. I'll leave you with something I wrote on my BlackBerry. It's called "Jesus was a Hobo". Inspired by Jesus...who was a hobo.

Jesus was a hobo didn't have a place to sleep
So if I want to be like Him where should my priorities be?
Do I need a big house with a three car garage and ignore those on the street
Who go to "bed" wondering how, what, and when they'll be able to eat

Jesus was a hobo, He walked everywhere He went
So if I want to be like Him how should my money be spent?
Should I drive a pimped ride with spinning rims that guzzles gasoline
While there are those who can't afford a car or even find enough to eat

My Savior is a homeless guy
He said to love unselfishly and I really do try
I'm not saying its easy, in fact its flippin hard
But I'll do my best and won't give up
I'll lean on Him He'll pick me up
I'll be fine cuz He is all I need

Jesus was a hobo He didn't shave or cut Hishair
So if I want to be like Him I should think about what I wear
Should I really be wearing True religion jeans or jewelry plated gold
When there are people without shoes and shiver in the cold

Jesus was like a hippie, He wasn't a big fan of war
In fact He told Hisdisciples to put away their swords
If we're one nation under god why are we out there dropping bombs
Instead of sharing peace and love and prevent another Vietnam

My Savior is a homeless guy
He said to love unselfishly and I really do try
I'm not saying its easy, in fact its flippin hard
But I'll do my best and won't give up
I'll lean on Him He'll pick me up
I'll be fine cuz He is all I need

Jesus was a hobo He didn't have stocks or a 401k
So I won't store up treasure here, cuz ill be in heaven one day
For now I’ll feed the hungry, heal the sick, all for the glory of Hisname
And I won't treat life like it is a win at all costs game

So why do we live like there's nothing beyond our suffering hear on earth
The things we do seems driven by gaining our own self worth
Jesus said nothing about getting your own. He called us to love.
So what are you waiting for LIVE LIKE A HOBO

Jesus was a hobo who died for you and me
This song may seem light hearted but its an urgent plea
To my siblings in Jesus Christ I hope you understand
He said the world will know us by our love for our fellow man

Our Savior is a homeless guy
Who lived and loved unselfishly and that's what we should strive (for)
I'm not saying its easy, in fact its flippin hard
But I'll do my best and won't give up
I'll lean on Him he'll keep me up
I'll be fine cuz He is all I need

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hasta la vista

Yesterday was a long/crazy day, even for a Monday. I'd tell you all about it but due to some issues with my computer that would take forever since I'm typing on a BlackBerry. I'm sending it home next week and hopefully it'll get fixed and sent back to me. Until then, minimal (if any) blogging or Facebook. Email me ( to get in touch.
Until next time!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Proud to be an American?

It's July 4, the day we celebrate declaring independence from England, barbeque, set off fireworks, hang out with family and friends, and watch grown men try to inhale as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes. It’s also a day where millions of people are living in poverty, without food and clean drinking water, around 6000 will die from HIV and…

Before I go on, show of hands, who thinks its too soon for another angry post? Ok you win, maybe I’ll write a book later.

Highlights of the week:
1.Spending time with Son-son
2. Everyone's pained reaction to Brazil's loss to the Netherlands
3. Playing guitar and singing with Shane from the LLU OT team.
4. Talking to friends ALL OVER the world.

Lowlights (other than the current state of Haiti and many other places in the world):
Deaths of a 5-month-old and Albert's mom.
On the lighter side of lowlights, after traveling to 4 countries (Haiti, South Africa, Malawi, and Turkey) in 2 years of service I'm officially retiring my black OP flip-flops. The right one has a hole in the sole. I'm not throwing them away yet, they might come out of retirement but I'm not gonna be wearing them daily.

Happy Independence Day! Be thankful, be safe, have fun.